Objective-C is a beautiful language. Certainly powerful, the one downfall of Objective-C has always been its high barrier of entry for new developers. Its complexity seemed warranted, considering it gave the developer the power to affect millions of users around the world.

Many learned to love the language, and knowing how long Apple has used Objective-C, felt that they wouldn’t see a replacement for the language in their lifetime.

It grew, along-side Cocoa and Cocoa touch, to be part of every iOS developer’s life. It became part of mine as well, but developing for iOS never clicked for me until Apple announced Swift, a new programming language created for the future of iOS and OS X development.

After sitting down with Swift, I’ve never felt more comfortable working with iOS. Swift strips Objective-C of most of its scary syntax and replaces it with a simpler style.

In fact, I feel I have learned more about Objective-C since learning swift, as the two are still very much intertwined as Swift is still in its adolescent stages. Translating between the two has been particularly pleasurable and surprisingly easy to do.

In addition to releasing Swift, Apple has created Playgrounds, a programming-sandbox bundled with Xcode 6 that allows you to test out code in real time.

Playgrounds has become essential for me, as it allows you to find out if your code works at the base level, before UIKit gets involved. It’s helped me solve many problems more quickly and efficiently that I even thought possible in Xcode.

If you have been planning to whip up something for the many Apple-users in the world, then now just might be that time. Apple has released some really great documentation that should be clear enough for even for novice programmers to grasp. You can find all the information you need for starting out at the Swift blog hosted by Apple.

Stay tuned to The Inner Monk Blog for examples of my time with the Swift language and what I’ve learned so far. In addition to Swift and Objective-C, I’ll be covering various web technologies we use here at Inner Monk Design to please our customers and their consumers alike. Happy Swifting!