Do you have a repo that GitHub just can’t seem to label correctly? Let’s see what we can do to fix it. We’ve all been there. You’re wrapping up a project and decide to take some time to spruce up your repo’s page. Then you notice your javascript-heavy program seems to be labeled as a CSS or HTML app. Even worse – that’s the label …Read More

Old and new – an unsurprisingly pleasant match. As a long-time MySQL user it was only natural that I wanted to hook up my Koa application to the weathered databse system. Looking to do the same? Let’s walk through a bit of the process to get this started. First, you’ll want to have a koa application started. If you need a demo project to follow …Read More

When running a Node application on your NGINX server you’re going to want to run it through a reverse-proxy for security reasons. I use Forge to manage a few of my servers. The way I make this change is to view the site’s main info page and choose to edit the NGINX config. server { … //Comment out this code #location / { # try_files …Read More

Just entering the Node.js world? Even as a veteran, choosing modules to rely on in production can be a little intimidating. One really polished and well-documented module I’ve come across is the PM2 package. You use PM2 to run your Node application in production. When running your program with PM2 it will restart automaticaly when a crash or exception happens. Additionally, you can can view …Read More

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create your very own record player in Sprite Kit using Swift. This is a small section of an app that I am building for a band that is set to be released in a month or so. Keep an eye on the blog to keep updated with that. Here’s what our project is going┬áto look …Read More